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Contracts can be intimidating especially for the younger clients who have joined Pro Academy. Our experience dealing with all types of contracts will help you when the time comes to sign for a club.

We have legal advisors who specialise in all areas of law. We are committed to providing an excellent service to all parties within the transaction. 

Financial Advice

The life of a footballer can be short. We will ensure you are advised appropriately regarding short and long term investments, and managing your finances effectively. 

Tax planning can be overlooked and cause issues if not managed proactively. We ensure all these matters are managed so you can focus on playing.

It is important to define your goals, and we can help facilitate a plan to ensure your financial outcomes are delivered.

Legal Advice

Once you have signed a professional contract you may encounter additional areas of life that require special legal advice. Playing abroad may seem attractive, but depending on the jurisdiction and league it could be prohibitive, so ensuring contracts are reviewed with local knowledge is paramount.



Endorsements are an important aspect of your total package. The traditional sponsorship model for sporting apparel is being eclipsed by utilising social media in the correct way.

We will build a plan to ensure endorsements from diverse areas are utilised. Our marketing, communications members will spend time with you to ensuring we execute all opportunities effectively. 


Having a mentor we have found beneficial to our clients. Sports men and women will go through many scenarios that other professions will not encounter. One common theme we encounter is self doubt, and having to play if not feeling confident. Our mentors have empathy with these situations and we have found being able to talk to a professional can help address what may seem an issue.

We also have counsellors on call. If you are placed overseas and have some type of anxiety, our professional counsellors are on call to talk you through any anxiety you may have. These services are strictly confidential between you and the counsellor

Having these services at your disposal are important in what can be an isolated, and lonely world.