it's not the end, it's the beginning

At Pro Academy we understand the life of a scholar, first year pro, and free agent. The high level of competition means that acquiring a playing position if increasingly challenging. A mixture of good luck, expansive network, and good fortune play a part for the majority of those who progress to have a successful career.

We have developed a staged process which helps a player focus on their development, mentally, and physically. Football is not the only focus for Pro Academy. We ensure you are in the best position to succeed by focusing on you individually, and developing a specific program which will see you improve in all aspects of the game.

On signing with us you will receive an in depth report about you, your mobility, and physical condition. We then move on to work with you to address any weaknesses. Each client is different, and we ensure 1 to 1 interactions to ensure your program is developed to match you perfectly.

1. Behavioural Analysis

After meeting with our behavioural specialist you will understand your strengths, weaknesses and be aware of interactions with others. A powerful lesson in self reflection.

2. Mobility Assessment

Injuries and stresses to the body can be caused by poor mobility. Our mobility team will assess your mobility, delivering a report on findings and a programme to increase ranges ensuring your body can cope with additional stresses in extreme conditions.

3. Physical Conditioning

Finally we have created a programme that will be tailored to the individual to help improve their physical performance. You will become quicker, and stronger learning from world beating specialists.

player testimonials

After being a professional and dropping to non-league Pro Academy has armed me with the tools to once again showcase my talents, and enjoy football. Opportunities have arisen from Europe to Asia the difficultly is selecting the right move.
Ellis Brown
(Charlton, Southend)
Pro Academy has helped me resume playing withinn the non league system. Understanding where my strengths are has helped and I have recently returned from Sweden looking for my next playing opportunity.
Sam Salis
(Dagenham & Redbridge)
Pro Academy are different. The team have helped me understand my approach to football and change a few things I struggled with. I am now looking forward to playing once again at a higher level.
Malik Onwugbonu